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Monday, 15 July 2013

On Misogyny Towards Young Mothers

I woke up in a really good mood today. The sun was shining and The Lovely was smiling.

I'm fucking FURIOUS now.

Apparently, to qualify for any benefits teenage mothers will have to either live with their parents or in a supported hostel.

I'll just let that sink in for a moment.

Got it? Shaking your head and wondering why I'm so angry? Seems a good idea on the surface right? Let's give young mothers more support to raise the young 'uns so they don't turn into criminals right?


And here's why.

This is an attack on women.

Don't believe me?

To think this is a good idea means you buy into the narrative that all teenage mothers are bad at being mothers. That all of their mothers were good at being mothers and something went awry with the little darlings which meant they went and got pregnant in the first place.

It means that you buy into the narrative of these young women being sluts who are just having babies to get social housing.

It means that you buy into the narrative that we absofreakinglutely must 'do something' about this scourge. This underclass of chavvy girls with their big hoop earrings and their Superdry hoodies with their snotty nosed chavvy babies yelling 'Tyler come here!' on the bus.

No. Just no.

This equates to fucking internment of young women. It is the ultimate control. Either live where we tell you or you and your spawn will starve.

But, but, this will be a deterrent from them having babies, I hear you cry!

No. Just no.

Proper sex education. Growing up in a society where they are valued, where they value themselves. Where they are taught about self respect and self esteem alongside contraception. This is what women need.

Even then 'accidents' will happen. There have always been unplanned pregnancies. Abortion on demand is a better idea than punitive measures surely?

Are we absolutely sure that the family home is the best place for these young women? Mine wasn't. I got pregnant to help me escape an abusive environment. That and I wanted someone to love me.

And what support hostels?

I had my first child at 17 and though he didn't come with a manual I am proud of the man he is. Of the human being that he is.

This is an attack on women. On the way society thinks of them and on how we treat them.

Still not sure?

'Serial teenage fathers to have their benefits stopped.'

Said no one ever.


  1. I heard this on Radio 4 this morning, couldn't actually believe what I was hearing. This clarifies everything about how wrong it is. For this, thank you.

  2. I agree. My mother was a hoarder and an abuser and she wanted my kids so she could live off of them. I think that this jeopardizes the parent/child relationship and will result in more social ills. These kids don't get pregnant at 15, 16 and 17 because they feel loved at home and when THEIR children have a chance at a good life the gov't takes it away. Disgusting.

  3. Thanks for your comment. I totally agree.

  4. The underlying message is that living in a supported hostel or a home with their parents is always healthy. I challenge that assumption!